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Sunday, April 27, 2014

This is my coworker Holly Decker's housewarming present.  I had been saving the plates with the retro colors hoping for a chance to use them and they seemed to go perfectly with ?Grasshopper's" new house.

For Baby Brianna Leigh

We went to see Keri and family today.  Papa Doug hadn't yet met our newest family member Baby Brianna.  If you have read my entire blog you will know that my son Luke died in 2010 as a result of a work related accident.  In the years since our daughter in law, Keri,  has gone above and beyond the call keeping us very close to our grandkids.  And yet, she is going on with her life and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Right after we lost Luke we used to watch that strong girl strap the kids in the car and leave us to go home to a lonely house, baby bottles and dirty diapers.  While we missed our son terribly it broke our hearts just as much to see Keri struggle so.  We were happy when Chad entered her life and he became the dad that our beloved Hunter and Brooke desperately needed and the partner to help Keri going forward..  And our blessings continue, because just a couple of weeks ago they had a baby together, Brianna Leigh. Once again they graciously kept us in the loop and brought us in on all of the festivities and let us know that we would be welcome to love this baby and be Nana and Papa to baby Brianna.  I had made a mosaic initial for Brooke for her 4th birthday and Chad met me at the hospital with another wooden B to bring home so baby Brianna could also have an initial on her wall made by her Nana. <3 p="">