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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I am SOOO stuck on Polymer clay now.  It is so no other medium in my humble, self-educated opinion. While I continue to have a love/hate relationship with it (it sometimes burns in my cheap little polymer clay oven and I have to get creative with post baking embellishment) it is the thrill of the challenge which creates the fun.  The box with the bronze row on the lid is one of 5 boxes I will be making for a pay-it-forward facebook craft challenge I agreed to at the beginning of the year.  The bottom box (with the antique drawer pull I unearthed at a local flea market) was a birthday box for my friend Linda's birthday.  I really thought the box more or less stole the show from the gift inside.  I wish I had used a more substantial box then the paper one I had available.  It turned out nice and I should have went with a wood base..

Laurie Mika

 I recently had the one of those memorable "I had the time of my life" moments in Colorado taking a polymer clay class from the great Laurie Mika.  The MHPC guild were a very fun and sharing group. I was determined to really accomplish something while I was there since I have so much trouble remembering and completing things when I return home with so many things to distract me from my artistic pursuits and drag me back to the world of responsibility here at home.