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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Daughter of my Heart

I found a beautiful poem today about a mothers pride in a grown daughter that had become a mother and it brought tears to my eyes. I knew I had to use it in a piece of artwork. I had some painted squares of canvas that my grandaughter Laci had helped me paint a while back. It seemed fitting that I use them in a present for her mother (my daughter) April. I have been going through some rough emotional times lately, having lost my Aunt Lorna, one of the ladies that raised me this past January. I miss her terribly and we are getting her house and possessions prepared to sell. It has been hard for me. I didnt know how hard until today, Mothers Day. I always would buy her something she was needing, or plant some flowers in a planter for her. And this year she isnt there for me to do something for...or visit. It was just plain hard.

So during this hard time I found this lovely poem about daughters. I had to take it and make it ours. April took it and hung it immediately in her bedroom. I know she liked it......and it makes it even more special that HER daughter had a hand in making it.