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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Intensive creation Sunday.  Getting ready for my youngest granddaughter's birthday in February.  I hope to get a quilt done by then as well. Spending more time creating and less facebooking and blogging.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Polymer clay could probably keep me busy for the the rest of my life as my medium of choice. And if its being set in a mosaic, I get to indulge both my passions.  I have been making gifts over this Thanksgiving break from work.  I could do this all day every day.....seriously.
Just got back from a great 5 days in the Sacramento (Grass Valley/Nevada City) area and a 3 day intensive mosaic workshop with Sue Crocenzi.  What a creative RUSH.  Such an inspirational artist and all round sweet person.  I bought a piece of Sue's art to help me remember some of the artist insider techniques tha
t were taught

Sue Crocenzi

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Its been a long time since I have posted, but I haven't been idle.  I am currently immersed in mosaic. Pique Assiette, polymer clay, even embedding FABRIC in thinset a-la Laurel Skye. The two brilliant rectangular mosaics were results of a best buddy and I jetting off to Florida for a 2 Day Laurel Skye workshop. It was great, EXCEPT the weather was colder in February in Florida then it was back home in Kansas!!  IMPOSSIBLE but true. After Laurel's workshop I was so excited by the possibilities of what I had learned I immediately began trying some of her techniques with polymer clay. Please Lord let me live long enough to fully explore this magnificent art form known as mosaic.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A very good friend of mine was back from her home in Hawaii over the 4th of July. Independence Day is a big deal in my little home town.  We got together a couple of times to talk about the wild days of our youth.  We have such a good time just talking.  I wanted to give her a gift that would remind her that as far away as she is from her roots  in Kansas she will always have a "HOME" here.  I decided to make this for her 2 hours before we were supposed to meet for a beer.  I was a few minutes late putting on the finishing touches, but she seemed to think it was worth it

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I kept my 2 little Bayless grandkids this weekend and in keeping with the spirit of a "mosiac weekend" we made mosaic crosses with some of Nana's supplies.  I could see they both had definite color waves in mind as they made their tile selections.  Sometimes it is hard to stay out of it, but I want them to learn the excitement of designing and I just cut a few tiles to make some little pieces for them.  They did an excellent job and their Mom thought they were beautiful!

It was a busy mosaic weekend.  On Saturday I had my friend Linda over and we grouted her stepping stone and my mosaic bowl.  I have been putting it off because grouting isnt my favorite part of the process.  It's dusty, dirty and I have practically ruined projects by using too much water wiping excess grout.  But overall I'm pleased with the way the bowl turned out. I might have liked a little darker color of grout but Linda told me she loved it, with the colors of white, bone and just little dashes of pink and green. Some of the dishes used for this bowl were from my childhood home and belonged to my beloved aunts, Lorna and Verva. So while I had intended this bowl to be a gift, I found after working on it and seeing these tired worn plates that I had eaten from as a child made into something pretty....SIGH....I now cant part with this part of my sweet memories.

Then I moved on to make some progress on this bowling ball.  WHO KNEW THERE WAS SUCH MASS to cover on a bowling ball?!  It is a JOB to make headway on this thing.  The teacher at the class where I started it had me use Weldbond and early into the project I was wishing I had used my old standby silicone.  Pieces hold better on a veritical surface with silicone.

Tape helps to hold the pieces until they have a chance to dry.
 The best way to make progress is to leave it out and put a couple rows on when you walk by and notice the last ones you did are set and dry. Kind of a love/hate thing I have going here.  This is MY bowling ball from 15+ years of bowling in my 20's and 30's.  At that time I loved my bowling nights which represented freedom with my friends, and working on this, I cant help but think back to those happy days. I live to create "memory art".  It helps guarantee that some of the items that cause those warm fuzzy feelings in your heart can remain close by and given a new purpose in a totally lovely, new way.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I am SOOO stuck on Polymer clay now.  It is so no other medium in my humble, self-educated opinion. While I continue to have a love/hate relationship with it (it sometimes burns in my cheap little polymer clay oven and I have to get creative with post baking embellishment) it is the thrill of the challenge which creates the fun.  The box with the bronze row on the lid is one of 5 boxes I will be making for a pay-it-forward facebook craft challenge I agreed to at the beginning of the year.  The bottom box (with the antique drawer pull I unearthed at a local flea market) was a birthday box for my friend Linda's birthday.  I really thought the box more or less stole the show from the gift inside.  I wish I had used a more substantial box then the paper one I had available.  It turned out nice and I should have went with a wood base..

Laurie Mika

 I recently had the one of those memorable "I had the time of my life" moments in Colorado taking a polymer clay class from the great Laurie Mika.  The MHPC guild were a very fun and sharing group. I was determined to really accomplish something while I was there since I have so much trouble remembering and completing things when I return home with so many things to distract me from my artistic pursuits and drag me back to the world of responsibility here at home.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

SUCH a beautiful weekend here in Kansas! I dont have much to show for it because I kept my grandkids over the weekend and most of our time was spent with a nature walk, playing Mancala, watching cartoons and playing angry birds. I have been planning to start a succulent garden and with a trip to the local nurseries today with my grandkids and daughter after church I found some cute plants to put in the interesting pot I picked up from the local thrift shop. I decorated my little garden with pine cones that my grandson Logan and I collected last night on our walk. The other photo is of the orchids that I have blooming right now. The Phaph is purple it is almost black.