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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here's my BABY

Long Cold Winter

This has been a long cold winter, made even more desolate because I lost my beloved Aunt Lorna. She and her sister Verva helped raise my brother and me after our Mother died when we were very small. She was a mother to me and although my mind understands that she had a long productive life, dying at age 89, my heart rejects this and cries out in loneliness for her on a daily basis. I will catch myself thinking...."I have to go check on Lorna" or "I will take some of this soup to Lorna", and I wonder when I will get past that stage. . I have been moping for over a month now and I am ready to quit. I have begun an interest in needlefelting to try and perk my interest in something. The little sewing case I made with recycled wool and embellished with needlefelting by hand. The little tree was my first attempt at needlefelting with my new 7 needle Babylock. This new phase of creativity ishelping me heal. I am going to love this little machine....I can tell..........